Hula Hoop School



in southern Cologne by Laura Cohen

The Hula Hoop School was founded in 2010 by the company circusproductions.
Since then, a group of hula hoop enthusiasts trains once a week under the professional guidance of Laura Cohen.

In addition to building coordination and flexibility, hula hoop trains all muscle groups in the body. Motivated by the joy of spinning the hoop and learning new tricks,  you can burn a respectable 100 calories in just 10 minutes. The group develops choreographed moves set to rhythmic music. It is possible to start the course at anytime. The Hula Hoop School is suitable for all levels of fitness as well as for beginning and advanced hoopers.

The Hula Hoop School is currently not offering any classes. If you are interested in Laura Cohen’s Hula Hoop Show, please visit our Hula Hoop Show page.